Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

Congrats on getting your first pair of hearing aids! This is a big step in your hearing health. You’ll soon discover that hearing aids have a lot of additional benefits, like helping you connect with loved ones, getting more mobile, and improving your quality of life. However, on the first day you put in your new hearing aids everything may sound a little strange.

That’s because adjusting to new hearing aids takes a few days. Your brain has become comfortable processing a limited number of sounds. Hearing aids allow your ears to send far more signals to the brain, and this can be overwhelming at first. But after a few days, you’ll see just how amazing your hearing aids really are.

Here are some helpful tips to adjusting to your new hearing aids.

1. Wear Your Hearing Aids as Much as You Can

The quickest way to adjust to your new hearing aids is to wear them as much as you can. At first you might want to take them out every few minutes. You’re suddenly hearing a whole world of sound you didn’t realize you were missing, and this can get overwhelming. Some of these sounds may be distracting, like the hum or the air conditioner, or noises from the street outside.

Wear your hearing aids at least a few hours every day and let your brain get used to all these new sounds. Within a few days, you’ll easily distinguish between sounds you want to focus on, and background sounds you can tune out. 

2. Take Breaks When You Need To

In the first few days, all these new sounds can get distracting. You can take breaks when you need to, and give your ears and brain a break. However, make sure you put your hearing aids back in as soon as you’re ready. Once you’ve adjusted to your new hearing aids, you’ll reduce your listening effort, and easily wear your hearing aids for the entire day without ever wanting to take them out.

3. Spend Time Having Conversations or Reading Aloud 

When you first get new hearing aids, you’ll need to adjust to the sound of your own voice. Hearing aids make your voice sound clearer and a bit louder than before. You may even feel like you’re shouting, or that your voice sounds strange. One way to quickly adjust to the sound of your voice is by reading aloud. You’ll soon adjust to your voice and it won’t even notice it anymore.

Have conversations with your family while wearing hearing aids. You’ll notice right away that hearing aids make it much easier to follow conversations and hear every word your loved ones are saying. And in a few days, you will also be completely used to the sound of your own voice. 

4. Practice Hearing in Background Noise

Do you feel comfortable hearing all the sounds in your house? If you’ve adjusted to the sounds in your home and feel comfortable having conversations, try taking your hearing aids outside. You can go sit in the park to adjust to all the new background noise, or meet friends at a restaurant or coffee shop. You’ll hear all the conversation, but you’ll also hear more of the background noise. It will take some time to adjust to all this extra sound, and learn which programs and settings will help you hear the best in these settings. 

5. Have a Follow-up Visit

Are you happy with your hearing aids? We recommend scheduling a follow-up visit a week or two after your initial hearing aid fitting. We’ll check the fit of your hearing aids, and make sure they’re perfectly matching your hearing needs. If you’ve noticed any sounds that are too quiet or too loud, we’ll adjust your hearing aids to help you hear easily.

This follow-up visit is also the perfect opportunity to ask more questions about all your hearing aid programs. Do you need some tips for how to adjust the settings for hearing in noisy settings? Are you having a hard time finding the music listening program? Are there any issues with the sound quality? We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you know exactly what your hearing aids can do for you.