Auditory Services joined Maryland's top-rated audiology and hearing practice Live Better Hearing + Balance

Auditory Services has joined Live Better Hearing + Balance

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We’re pleased to announce that Auditory Services, an audiology practice with highly-rated clinics in Silver Spring and Potomac, Maryland, has joined the Live Better Hearing + Balance family!

Dr. Jeff Zolt and Dr. Kathy Grace, the clinic’s well-respected audiologists, recently notified patients of the acquisition and name change in a letter to patients, below:

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying the start of autumn. It’s been an interesting year at Auditory Services, and I want to share some important news about our offices in Silver Spring and Potomac. As you know, for many years, Kathy and I have enjoyed the privilege of serving your hearing and audiological needs, as Auditory Services. During that time, we have developed long-lasting and meaningful relationships with you and with our community. We have worked to bring you a caring, personal, pleasant and professional home for your hearing needs. We hope you have found it to be so.

This year, Kathy and I made the difficult decision to find a new owner for our practice. It was just time, for a variety of reasons, and we wanted to do this when we could think carefully about it, and choose the right successor. We wanted to be sure that you would continue to have access to quality, meaningful care for your hearing. This was the promise when you chose our office, and we wanted to fulfill that promise to you for the future.

That said, we are excited to tell you that our practice has been acquired by Live Better Hearing + Balance.

Live Better Hearing + Balance is a practice with local roots, with offices in Maryland and the greater Washington, DC. region. It is owned and run by Dr. Ross Cushing, and Dr. Jen Cushing. The Cushings are experienced and respected audiologists with many years of service to the community. The decision to hand off Auditory Services to the Cushings, and Live Better Hearing, was not made lightly. In our interactions with them, and with every team member we have met, we have seen a reflection of our own values and dedication. We see a commitment to thorough and personalized patient care which aligns with our own.

Please rest assured that we are not saying goodbye. Kathy and I, as well and Karen and Andi, will all be here to take care of your needs, as always. We will continue to work with Ross, Jen, and their entire dedicated team, providing you with same high-quality care you have known for years. Our locations in Silver Spring and Potomac remain unchanged and your visits will carry the same warmth, professional integrity and individual attention you have come to expect.

We know that changes involving healthcare can feel disruptive. We want to reassure you that this transition is not an end, but a new chapter of growth, innovation and continued dedication. We have confidence and trust in Ross and Jen, to preserve and grow the culture and values of our offices.

We are profoundly grateful for the trust and confidence you’ve placed in us over the years, as shown by your continuing patronage, and by sending us your friends and loved ones as well. There is no way to explain how much it means to us, for every one of you, to be a part of our family.

Please join us in welcoming the Cushings and Live Better Hearing. It is very clear to us that they will value and respect the trust and confidence you have in our offices. We all look forward to continuing to serve you and the community for many years.

Warm regards,

Dr. Jeff Zolt
Dr. Kathy Grace