Identifying the Signs of Hearing Loss

Identifying the Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages. Hearing loss is caused by exposure to very loud noise, by genetic factors, or even by illnesses and injuries. Hearing loss can also be part of the aging process. Around 50 million Americans have hearing loss. If you think you or a loved one may have hearing loss, here’s how to identify … Read More

How Hearing Loss Interferes With Your Relationships

How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

Relationships are more important than ever in this post-pandemic world. Our lives are filled with people who we care about, who we’d do anything for and would like to be a part of our ups and downs for the rest of our lives. When we are affected by hearing loss and our normal relationships begin to decline, it can be a … Read More

Four Ways Heating Better Can Help You Age Better

Four Ways Hearing Better Can Help You Age Better

We all want to stay healthy and happy as we age. Exercising and eating right are two obvious things we can do to help. But did you know hearing our best has a big impact, too? September is Healthy Aging Month. Here are four ways hearing your best can help you age your best. Hearing your best helps keep you … Read More