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Hearing Loss is Associated With a Higher Risk of Developing Dementia

In Hearing Loss, Overall Health by Live Better Hearing

Did you know…that hearing loss is associated with a higher risk of developing dementia? The evidence linking hearing loss to an increased risk of developing dementia keeps piling up. One Johns Hopkins study found that people with severe hearing loss are five times more at risk for developing dementia than people without hearing loss. Another one found that untreated hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia by 50 percent. So, why is hearing loss linked to dementia? …

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Loneliness is not good for your health

In Overall Health by Live Better Hearing

Loneliness is not good for your health Maybe it’s been this way for a while and we just didn’t notice, but loneliness is getting a lot of attention from healthcare professionals lately. One obvious reason is COVID-19, which has forced people to socially distance or isolate themselves, and has severely limited in-person interactions, especially for older adults. Another reason is the increasing evidence of its negative effects on our health — like that loneliness is as harmful as …

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Adults should get regular hearing checkups

In Overall Health by Dr. Ross Cushing

If the human body came with Care & Maintenance instructions, today’s recommendation from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) would certainly be on them. It’d be right in there to have your teeth cleaned and checked annually; visit your general practitioner for physicals and blood work; get vaccinated from diseases; exercise; eat fruits and vegetables; drink plenty of water and, of course, “do not dry clean.” The recommendation makes sense. Our hearing is tightly tied to …