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Loneliness is not good for your health

In Overall Health by Live Better Hearing

Loneliness is not good for your health Maybe it’s been this way for a while and we just didn’t notice, but loneliness is getting a lot of attention from healthcare professionals lately. One obvious reason is COVID-19, which has forced people to socially distance or isolate themselves, and has severely limited in-person interactions, especially for older adults. Another reason is the increasing evidence of its negative effects on our health — like that loneliness is as harmful as …

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Adults should get regular hearing checkups

In Overall Health by Dr. Ross Cushing

If the human body came with Care & Maintenance instructions, today’s recommendation from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) would certainly be on them. It’d be right in there to have your teeth cleaned and checked annually; visit your general practitioner for physicals and blood work; get vaccinated from diseases; exercise; eat fruits and vegetables; drink plenty of water and, of course, “do not dry clean.” The recommendation makes sense. Our hearing is tightly tied to …