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Ear Molds

  • Custom earpieces for ipods and cell phones
  • Earplugs for musicians and swimmers
  • Personal protection hearing Devices (PPD)
  • Assistive devices such as television amplifiers

Earpieces and Earplugs

Your hearing health is valuable. Let the experts at A & A Hearing Group help you protect it. Live Better Hearing offers custom fit earplugs for musicians, construction site workers, law enforcement, military personnel, motorcyclists, DJs, and any other individuals that require hearing protection.

Musicians Earplugs are designed to replicate the natural response of the open ear. Sound heard with these earplugs has the same quality as the original, only quieter. The result is that speech and music are clear–you still hear the blend clearly, feel the bass, and distinguish each tone. Accurate sound reduction is achieved by combining a patented filter with the specific acoustics of a custom ear mold. The combination of the two produces a resonance at approximately 2700 Hz (as in the normal ear) resulting in a smooth, flat attenuation. Three types of attenuator buttons are available: ER•9, ER•15 and ER•25. The number corresponds with the amount of sound reduction provided in dB.

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