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Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Dispensing

The audiologist will review each component of the audiological evaluation to obtain a profile of an individual’s hearing abilities and needs. The audiologist will then help the patient to decide which hearing aids (if any) are most appropriate for your specific hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

When hearing aids are provided for a patient, we make sure each patient understands all aspects of care, use and maintenance of the device(s), and communication strategies for a life with better hearing!

Hearing aid Testing

Do you already have hearing aids, but aren’t sure if they are working correctly for you?

Did you know that hearing aids have a prescription for your ears similar to glasses for your eyes? It’s true. Everyone’s hearing is different, and hearing aids should be fit exactly to match the needs of the individual hearing loss. Our audiologists can provide you with an updated hearing test and take measurements of how well the hearing aid is working in your ear to ensure it meets thespecific 'prescription’ for your hearing.

If it doesn’t they may be able to retune it properly for you.

If your hearing aid is simply not working, we can often fix it right in the office!