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Hearing Testing

Did you know the average person lives with hearing loss for seven years before they seek help? Imagine all the sounds you miss in seven years. Don’t miss a moment of the soundtrack of your life. Start with a complete audiological evaluation at one of our convenient locations to assess your ability to hear and process sounds.

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Hearing Aid Services

Enjoy complete hearing aid services all in one location. From matching your hearing needs with the available technology to personalizing and programming your hearing aids, Live Better Hearing makes sure you receive the maximum benefit from your devices. Take advantage of repair and maintenance services while you wait, and don’t forget to bring your devices in for a deep cleaning.

Balance Testing

Many problems with dizziness and balance can be traced back to the ears. The hearing health professionals at Live Better Hearing can perform vestibular testing to assess how your ears and brain are working together and identify the cause of your problems with balance.

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Ear Wax Management

Earwax interferes with hearing and hearing aid function. While earwax is completely natural, many products designed to remove ear wax at home are not. Trust the professionals at Live Better Hearing to safely and comfortably remove impacted, hardened or excess earwax.

Hearing Care For Infants and Children

Hearing is crucial for the proper development of language and speech. It also impacts a child’s ability to learn and become social. At Live Better Hearing, we are experts in early intervention. From teens to toddlers, our hearing health care professionals can diagnose hearing and language disorders and prescribe the proper course of treatment.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Ringing, chirping, whirring or buzzing. Tinnitus noise isn’t the same for every person. When you hear sounds that aren’t present in your environment, it’s a symptom called tinnitus. The process of hearing is a complex interaction between the many parts of your ear and your brain. When things get out of sync, tinnitus can result. Consult the tinnitus experts at Live Better Hearing to diagnose the cause of your tinnitus and recommend a treatment plan to calm the tinnitus and bring you relief.