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Product pages are a convenient way to showcase the latest in hearing aid technology from all the major hearing aid brands. Content is updated automatically for you as part of your subscription.

ReSound Hearing Products


Hear like no other

Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is ONE of a kind. This is because nature has designed the shape of your ear to perfectly capture the sounds around you.

ReSound ONETM introduces a new class* of hearing aid with an additional microphone inside your ear. This allows the unique shape of your ear to collect sounds, just as nature intended. Add convenient direct audio streaming, access to remote hearing care services, and industry-leading battery life, ReSound ONETM truly keeps you connected to people and technology you need to become ONE with your world.

In restaurant.jpg

The most complete and individualized sound experience

ReSound ONETM delivers easier-to-follow conversations with All Access Directionality. With access to all the sounds around you, you are in charge of which sounds you want to focus on – not your hearing aids. In addition, ReSound ONETM introduces Ultra Focus. Like an individual beam of sound, it lets you decide when to minimizing background noise to focus on the speech directly in front of you – even in the toughest environments.


Designed for ultimate comfort, discretion and performance

Built for ultimate comfort and adaptability, ReSound ONE has just one touchpoint on the back of the ear and sits lower for greater discretion. Available in three models, ReSound ONETM comes in a variety of colors to blend with hair and skin tones, so you can wear ReSound ONETM with confidence.


Industry-leading rechargeability

ReSound ONETM offers the best rechargeable battery life in the industry with up to 30 hours** of battery life or 25 hours with the ability to stream as much as you want.

ReSound ONETM offers two different charger options that serve as stylish, portable and protective cases. Choose the Premium Charger with an onboard battery for up to three days of quick charging on the go, without the need for a power outlet. Or the ReSound ONETM Standard Charger gives you all the at-home charging capabilities you need in a small, elegant design.

*Microphone in ear and two standard directional microphones, directionality features, wireless audio streaming.

**Expected battery life dependent on active features, the use of wireless accessories, hearing loss, device age and sound environment.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids automatically adjust to your environment, but you can personalize the details of your hearing experience even further with an exceptional streaming experience from almost any audio source. With increased power, lag time has been eliminated when streaming directly into the hearing aids or through a ReSound wireless accessory.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

With a lithium-ion battery that is small, discreet and completely sealed for protection, ReSound LiNX Quattro is the most advanced rechargeable hearing aid with a long-lasting battery that gives enough power to last more than a full day. Battery status is easy to monitor with the ReSound Smart 3D app and the LED lights on the charging case that indicate the power status for both your hearing aids and the charger.


You no longer have to make the choice between a discrete hearing solution and one with the convenience of complete connectivity. With ReSound, you get both – even in the smallest devices. 

The new ReSound LiNX Quattro customs line includes the world’s first wireless CIC with full, direct streaming. That means these hearing aids stream phone calls and even music from your smartphone, making conversations with your family and friends that much more enjoyable.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

Future Proof Technology


You can now stream effortlessly and without any intermediate accessory directly from Androiddevices.* Go about your day with confidence knowing that you will be able to stream the whole day. 

*Full streaming compatibility with Android devices requires minimum Android v10 and Bluetooth 5.0 and that functionality has been enabled by the phone manufacturer and service carrier. Accordingly, the compatibility information provided should be used for reference only. Although GN strives to achieve seamless device compatibilities, GN cannot guarantee full compatibility with all Android devices

ReSound Wireless Accessories

Future Proof Technology

ReSound Remote Control

With the new ReSound Remote Control, you don’t have to worry about dealing with small buttons. 

The Resound Remote control offers large, easy to use buttons for your convenience. We invite you to expand your hearing experience with ReSound’s newest wireless accessory.

ReSound Unite Accessories

ReSound’s easy-to-use wireless hearing aid accessories deliver clear and secure audio directly to any ReSound wireless hearing instrument. And they do it discreetly, without devices to wear around your neck. This is thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless technology, a robust and reliable standard, which gives you strong, clear and stable connections.

ReSound Micro Mic

Extremely easy to use, the ReSound Micro Mic pairs to ReSound hearing aids in seconds. Clip it on the person you want to talk to and enjoy the conversation, even in background noise – and you can still hear them even if they are more than 80 feet away.

ReSound Multi Mic

Works like the ReSound Micro Mic, with the same hearing range of more than 80 feet, but also doubles as a table microphone, so you can hear everyone sitting around it. It’s compatible with loop and FM systems*, and even has a line-in so you can stream virtually any sound directly to your hearing aids.

ReSound Phone Clip+

The ReSound Phone Clip+ streams crystal clear phone calls and audio straight to your hearing aids. So you – and the person you’re talking to – can enjoy comfortable conversations, even in noisy places. When not on the phone, the Phone Clip+ works as a hearing aid remote control. Or use the ReSound Control™ app for cutting-edge control from your smartphone.

ReSound Remote Control 2

With the ReSound Remote Control 2 you’ll never lose track of your hearing aid settings. You can change programs and adjust the volume on each of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-see display clearly shows settings.

ReSound TV Streamer 2

The ReSound TV Streamer sends clear stereo sound from your TV, stereo or computer directly and wirelessly to your hearing aids. You don’t have to wear anything extra. No cables or wires are needed.

*FM receiver required

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Evoke


Widex EVOKE hearing devices evolve in real life to keep getting smarter. It learns from your hearing preferences in the moment and over time. With just a few taps on a smartphone, you can choose the sounds you want to hear, putting you in full control if you want to be.
And if you want to lean back? EVOKE automatically adjusts to your needs and the environment around you – smoothly and in real-time.

EVOKE learns from your experiences and from the experiences of other wearers all over the world. Widex uses that anonymous data to create a better listening experience for everyone. So the great hearing device you buy today evolves to be even better tomorrow!
Together with major advances in sound technology, Widex EVOKE provides a more natural and personalized hearing experience than ever before.

  • EVOKE is the world’s first real-time machine-learning hearing device — learning your hearing preferences in the moment and over time for better hearing today and each day after.
  • EVOKE has state-of-the-art processing enhancements that achieve a purer and more natural sound than ever before.
  • EVOKE offers more accurate environmental mapping to help you hear in any setting.
  • EVOKE features faster processing — capturing more true, real-time sound — so you hear every moment.

Whether you prefer discreet or power, there’s an EVOKE style for you. Widex EVOKE family of hearing instruments is available in four technology levels and in a variety of colors, offering different options to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget. Ask your hearing healthcare professional which EVOKE model is best for you.

Widex Beyond


Enjoy optimal sound in a discreet hearing aid without sacrificing performance.
Built around the most powerful hearing aid technology available, WIDEX CUSTOM provides you with superior sound in a discreet, custom-made device that fits perfectly in your ear.


CUSTOM captures all the sounds you need. No other in-the-ear hearing aid can capture such a wide range of sounds.
Sophisticated Widex processing technology automatically detects your listening situation and makes sure you hear the right sound at the right time in the right place.
That way you can focus on what you are doing —instead of having to adjust your hearing aids.

Widex Beyond


– Get Connected. Stay Connected.

With the Widex BEYOND™ made-for-iPhone hearing aid, you can enjoy the best that life has to offer. BEYOND brings you superior sound technology, Bluetooth connectivity and control of your hearing via your iPhone® and Android™ so you stay connected to your world. The customizable BEYOND app lets you design your own hearing, and it offers you connectivity anywhere and anytime.

  • Easy swipe technology, with an intuitive app that can be customized for sound settings and listening programs.
  • Instant connection to your iPhone, T-Coils, and Widex assistive listening devices.
  • 30 percent better speech understanding in wind, and a comfortable, natural sound in all listening situations.
  • Brilliant streaming sound when listening to music, taking calls, or watching TV.
  • Fewer battery changes, with the longest battery life in the industry.

Widex BEYOND is available in three technology levels and fifteen popular colors, offering a variety of options to suit your lifestyle, hearing loss, and budget. Ask your hearing health professional the BEYOND technology that’s best for you.

Widex Rechargeable

– Lasts all day. Charge at night.

Widex made-for-iPhone® hearing aids are available with the convenience of rechargeability and long battery life — even when streaming! With an elegant and easy-to-use charging station, you can recharge overnight, just like your phone, so you’re always powered up and ready for another day!
Because the Widex chip has low power consumption, you get a full day of the most advanced hearing and superior streaming sound quality from your iPhone® so you will never miss out on life’s special moments.
Widex EVOKE FUSION2 Z and BEYOND Z™ are available in rechargeable options. Ask your hearing healthcare professional about Widex rechargeable solutions.

Widex Unique


What makes UNIQUE better than other similar hearing aids?

  • A wider sound picture – so you can hear both soft and loud sounds in comfort
  • The best wind noise reduction system available, so even in windy environments you can still hear speech
  • It detects your listening situation automatically and makes sure you hear the right sound at the right time in the right place

WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids capture all the sounds you need, from the highs to the lows, from the loud to the very quiet. No other hearing aid can provide you with such a wide range of comfortable, audible sounds.
Only UNIQUE can reduce unwanted soft sounds and maintain useful soft sounds (such as quiet speech). And when you’re outdoors, UNIQUE significantly reduces wind noise, no matter what the conditions.
WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids cleverly and quickly adapt to any situation you find yourself in. So you can easily separate speech from noise. And enjoy supreme sound in any environment.
The Widex UNIQUE hearing aid pushes the barriers of what you can hear with hearing aids. Louder and softer sounds. More conversation. In fact, all the important sound details around you. But not every day has to be an adventure. Whether you’re riding up a mountain or riding down the road, UNIQUE lets you comfortably hear more sounds wherever you are, whatever you are doing.
UNIQUE is available in three Behind-the-ear (BTE) models and three In-the-ear (ITE) models. Your hearing care professional can help you choose the ideal model for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle. All UNIQUE models are available in a wide range of stylish colors to suit all tastes. You can choose between 14 different colors for BTE models and three standard colors for ITE models.

Hearing Aid Accessories

With the DEX™ assistive listening devices from Widex, you’re connected to a whole world of sounds. These communication accessories make it easy for you to connect instantly to the following:

  • Phone for easy conversations
  • TV for enhanced entertainment
  • Remote Control for personalized adjustments
  • External audio devices, tablets, and more for improved listening
Widex Phone-Dex
Keeps you connected with mobile phones and Bluetooth devices
With the COM-DEX accessory, you can stream high-quality sound from most mobile phones to your hearing devices – hands-free and without any fuss. Worn around your neck, the COM-DEX connects wirelessly to your hearing devices so you can control them remotely with the COM-DEX app: an easy-to-use and convenient way to adjust volume, sound direction and program settings.
Widex Com-Dex Remote Mic
Hear conversations in detail
The COM-DEX Remote Mic is the answer to difficult one-on-one listening situations including noisy environments! It connects wirelessly to your hearing devices via the COM-DEX. It may be clipped to the shirt or placed on the table close to your conversation partner for easy and discreet listening.
Widex Uni-Dex
For mobile phones and audio devices
The UNI-DEX accessory is extremely easy to use. Simply plug the mini-jack cable into your mobile phone or audio device, hang the UNI-DEX around your neck, and you are ready to go. Stream sound to your hearing devices and talk hands-free when using a mobile phone or on Skype via PC or tablet.
Widex Call Dex
For discreet streaming from mobile phones

The CALL-DEX is an ultra-compact device for streaming conversations directly from your mobile phone to your hearing aids. Extremely discreet, CALL-DEX simply inserts into the jack plug of your phone and you can then use your mobile phone normally.

Widex Phone-Dex
For easy landline use
The PHONE-DEX is a cordless phone that streams crystal clear sound directly into your hearing devices, enabling you to hear speech in both ears! Working as a regular phone, it is an easy to use phone for the whole family.
Widex TV-Dex
For enjoying TV
The TV-DEX accessory lets you stream high quality audio with no delay or echoes from the TV straight to your hearing devices. Its Room Off feature allows you to hear the TV sound only, without unnecessary background noise. With excellent battery life, enjoy uninterrupted TV like never before!
Widex RC-Dex
Your remote control
The RC-DEX accessory is a stylish and user-friendly remote control that gives you control of basic hearing aid functions like volume and programs. Small enough to fit on a keychain, the RC-DEX is intelligently laid out with three simple keys. This means that you can quickly and easily start using it.
Widex FM-Dex
For flexible streaming
FM+DEX converts signals from an FM receiver, telecoil or audio line in and streams high quality sound to Widex wireless hearing aids. Aside from receiving FM signals when an FM module is attached, it can be used as a telecoil, perfect for use in places such as classrooms and meetings. Wearers can also stream music or other audio with the audio line-in function.

Unitron Flex:trial

Unitron Flex Trial Logo

Risk-free, no-cost, hearing aid trial

We want you to hear your best! That’s why we are offering you the opportunity to take home hearing aids to wear in your daily life – before you commit to buying them – through our Flex:trial program. The process is easy! First schedule your free Flex:trial appointment, during this appointment we will determine if this program is right for you. If it is, we will send you home with Flex:trial hearing aids – equipped with the latest technology and features – that very same day.

As one of the few nationwide clinics certified to offer this Flex:trial program, we’re excited to tell you more. Call us today for more information.

Unitron Flex Trial

Unitron Hearing Aids

Moxi All

Moxi All

Finally, there’s a hearing aid on the market that does it all. With its discreet styling, direct-streaming, great sound and rechargeable battery, the Moxi™ All hearing aid gives you everything you need for effortless hearing.

  • All conversations –All the features to actively participate and hear, even in the most challenging environments
  • All phones –Directly connect to any mobile phone for truly hands-free conversations (up to 32 feet away!)*
  • All day charge –One overnight charge gives you the freedom to hear all day with no worries (even when streaming)
  • All of your shows –Directly connect to your TV, computers, tablets and stereos for high-quality stereo sound straight into your hearing aids using a simple accessory
  • All the comfort –Discreet, attractive, easy to use and wear
  • All tailored to you –Personalized adjustments adapt
Moxi Fit R

Moxi Fit R

Meet the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid. Award-winning design meets ultimate convenience and the best conversations. It’s the perfect choice for active people looking for a discreet and easy-to-use hearing aid.

  • Charge overnight and enjoy 24+ hours* of uninterrupted listening
  • One rechargeable battery lasts a whole year, replacing up to 100 traditional batteries
  • Rechargeable battery cell is 100% recyclable
  • Revolutionary technology provides crystal clear conversations and natural sound quality
  • Simplest hearing aid

Moxi Now

The world’s smallest is here!

You need to come see this to believe it. Moxi™ Now hearing aids are so small, they are practically invisible behind your ears. Nobody will notice you’re wearing them (even you). The small size packs a tremendous punch with features and intuitive functionality that keeps you connected to the world and hearing your absolute best.

Stride M R

Stride M R

Experience the freedom of rechargeable hearing aids. Stride™ M R lets you go anywhere, and keep up with the conversation. A simple overnight charge gives you uninterrupted, all-day listening. Based on award-winning design with a technology level to match your lifestyle. You’ll love how easy it is to get back into all of your conversations and make everything sound just the way it should.

Unitron Stride


Stride leads the way in patient-centric design
The new Stride family of behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles has choices to satisfy every patient need and technology that lets patients focus on conversations like never before. Get ready to help every patient find their Stride.

Unitron Moxi North

Moxi North

Conversations matter. We’d like you to be hearing all of them.
We know you live an active lifestyle which means a lot of conversations with a lot of different background noise. We believe you should be able to hear every word through it all. With the newest Moxi hearing aids from Unitron, you can. These hearing aids offer an award-winning design, ultra comfort and revolutionary technology that lets you hear each word of your conversations without struggling.

Unitron Max


Meet Max, the hearing instrument that offers max power and max protection. Max is the only Super Power on the market with Power Adaptation Manager to provide the first fit that clients expect, gently and automatically transitioning them to safer gain levels that will protect their hearing in the end. Powered by Era, Max offers features that are optimized for severe to profound hearing loss and focused on maximizing intelligibility without compromising awareness. Fight over amplification and provide the best possible long term hearing outcomes with Max.

Max Understanding

Max awareness

You need to understand speech to communicate and feel connected. You need to be aware of the sounds around you to feel comfortable and safe. Max has features that let you do both.

Hear more sounds

Max shifts speech sounds away from the areas where your hearing is most damaged and into the range where you can hear them.

Put the spotlight on speech

Automatically experience better speech understanding without giving up awareness of everyday sounds.

Listen without the whistle

Max provides all the power you need without the annoying whistling.

Be comfortably aware

Max reduces sudden, loud sounds to a comfortable level, without interrupting awareness.

Enjoy the phone again

Automatically hear the caller’s voice clearly in both ears without an accessory.

Unitron Shine


Shine is an affordable hearing instrument like no other, delivering the natural sound, comfortable listening and better speech clarity not typically seen at the essential level. That’s because Shine is about more than providing great value. It’s about providing a hearing instrument that is absolutely invaluable.
Shine is the only hearing instrument in its class to offer a trio of high-performance features typically reserved for more advanced products. It is Unitron’s TriVantage features because they have been proven, time and again, to increase listening comfort and hearing success.

Speech enhancement LD

Makes speech sound clearer Automatically makes soft speech easier to hear, without making loud sounds more intense.


Increases listening comfort Instantly detects and controls sudden, uncomfortable sounds, such as a door slamming, while ensuring speech remains clear.

Adaptive directional microphones*

Improve speech understanding in noisy environments Identify and reduce noise originating from beside and behind you, so you can hear more of the speech in front. *Not available on all technology levels


Unitron Smart Control

Unitron Smart Control Remote

Enjoy a finer level of control
This full-featured remote control lets patients easily make a wide range of adjustments to their hearing instruments, including real-time control over listening comfort and clarity.

Unitron uStream

Unitron uStream

Be discreet
Patients experience stereo sound through easy, more discreet connectivity to wireless devices, like mobile phones, TVs and Bluetooth MP3 players.

Unitron uDirect3

Unitron uDirect3

Enjoy streaming
This sleek, hands-free accessory lets patients enjoy direct connections to communication and entertainment devices, like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers and MP3 players, with stereo sound and long battery life.

Unitron uControl

Unitron uControl

Make smart adjustments
Patients can easily take control of programs and volume through the smartphone of smart device they are already carrying with them.

  • apple
  • googleplay
Unitron uTV3

Unitron uTV3

Be entertained
uTV3 delivers the sound from the TV directly to both hearing instruments, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for patients who like to be entertained by TV.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Logo
Starkey Livio AI

Discover the world’s first hearing aid to provide both superior sound quality and the ability to track body and brain health. As the first-ever hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio™ AI is a multi-purpose device that redefines what a hearing aid can do. Until now, there has never been a device that tracks physical activity and cognitive health as measured by hearing aid use in social situations. Most fitness tracking devices use the wrist, but the ear provides far more accurate data – in fact, it’s the ideal spot for reliable tracking, and Livio AI is the first-ever device to take advantage of that.

  • Hearing Reality™ is effective in even the noisiest environments, comfortable in loud settings and quiet in quiet settings, and allows you to enjoy newly enhanced speech clarity. 
  • Easily make adjustments to your hearing aids anytime, anywhere with the Thrive™ app.
  • The first hearing aid ever to include integrated sensors so you can track your body and brain health activities and send fall alerts. •
  • The smallest, rechargeable device with 24 hours of superior hearing on one charge.*
    *Only available in RIC Rechargeable style. Results will vary based on wireless and feature usage.
  • New technology provides consistent wireless performance through your smartphone or wireless accessories while streaming cell phones, TV, music or other media.
  • Great sound quality, clarity and consistency with new CROS technology that allows streaming between your hearing aids.
  • Geotagged memories that automatically switch modes when the GPS feature in your smartphone detects you are in a tagged location. For example, a “home” memory activates when you arrive at home.
  • Personalized Control in the Thrive app that lets you make adjustments to suit your preferences in different listening environments.
  • Our best-in-class feedback cancellation system providing feedback-free, comfortable listening all day long.
  • Surface™ NanoShield, our pioneering water, wax and moisture repellent system, to protect and ensure durability and dependability.
  • Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, adjustable via the Thrive app, to bring relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.


Starkey Picasso

Picasso™ hearing aids help you stay connected to the people and things you love most. Built on our Synergy platform, Picasso hearing aids feature our new enhanced sound quality called Hearing Reality. It better replicates natural hearing to provide unprecedented sound quality. Picasso offers Starkey® ’s most advanced technology with supreme sound quality and features, customizable to fit your unique hearing needs.

Starkey Muse iQ

Muse iQ, Starkey’s newest technology, allows one to be present in a moment or situation that involves a sense of immersion, enabling you to feel connected to the sounds you miss during the moments that matter most.

Starkey Halo

Halo iQ, Starkey’s latest smartphone compatible hearing aids, have advanced noise reduction technology and precise directional microphones to help make speech sound more natural and easier to hear in today’s complex listening environments.

Made for Apple and Android connectivity, Halo iQ’s simplicity and versatility originated with our TruLink Technology, our 2.4 GHz wireless platform that provides completely seamless iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch connectivity as well as ultra high-definition audio streaming for TV, music and more.

Starkey Livio

With Livio™, you’ll enjoy superior sound clarity, comfort and universal connectivity. Thanks to a new technology we call Hearing Reality™, Livio is designed to be effective in even the noisiest environments, comfortable in loud settings, and quiet in quiet settings. It also provides newly enhanced clarity of speech. Livio hearing aids work seamlessly with accessories and your favorite digital devices to help you connect to your world

With Livio™, you’ll enjoy superior sound clarity, comfort and universal connectivity. Thanks to a new technology we call Hearing Reality™, Livio is designed to be effective in even the noisiest environments, comfortable in loud settings, and quiet in quiet settings. It also provides newly enhanced clarity of speech. Livio hearing aids work seamlessly with accessories and your favorite digital devices to help you connect to your world, and to:

  • Deliver superior sound quality, listening clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions
  • Preserve peace and quiet while amplifying the important things, and help you better understand conversations
  • Stream phone calls, music and messages directly from your smartphone to your hearing aids
  • Offer remote programming so your hearing care professional can make minor adjustments without an office visit
Starkey Muse

Muse is Starkey’s most advanced technology that offers supreme sound quality and premium features. Muse is customized to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experience.

Starkey SoundLens

SoundLens Synergy are our most-advanced invisible hearing aids on the market. Custom fit to your exact needs and unique ear canal shape, they rest comfortably deep in your ear, so only you know they’re there. And though tiny, SoundLens Synergy come loaded with all of our leading technology. They’re the first and most popular custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids ever made.



Rechargeable reimagined

Rechargeable reimagined Starkey’s long-lasting rechargeable hearing aids are the smallest available and are 100% easy to use. Our best hearing technology just got better.

  • Immersive sound for true listening enjoyment.
  • Long lasting charge delivers superior hearing.
  • All-in-one charger holds enough charge to provide portable charging without plugging into the wall.
  • Smallest rechargeable hearing aid available today!
  • Only available in Livio AI, Livio and Muse iQ RIC Rechargeable hearing aids.

Mini Turbo Charger

Our pocket-size, yet powerful lithium-ion charging option provides added grab-and-go convenience to use with the industry’s smartest rechargeable solution. For use with Livio AI, Livio and Muse iQ Rechargeable hearing aids only.

  • Mini Turbo Charger provides 3.5 hours of use in just seven minutes.
  • Your hearing aids will be fully charged in under three hours.
  • A fully charged Mini Turbo Charger can completely charge a pair of hearing aids four times.

Sonic Innovations


Introducing Captivate—better hearing throughout the moments of your life. Captivate uses the latest innovations in the Sonic SoundDNA technology platform to keep conversations clear, even in noisy environments. Feedback is virtually eliminated, keeping distractions to a minimum. You can easily connect to the online world, to your smartphone and other wireless devices. Small, stylish and highly customizable, Captivate is resistant to dust and moisture, and can even provide a full day of power with optional rechargeability.

Captivate Hearing Aid Styles



Captivate miniRITE T R

Captivate miniRITE T R

Spend more time listening, less time changing batteries with the Captivate miniRITE T R.

Connect directly to the world of wireless. Captivate is a Made for iPhone® device so you can stream entertainment and news directly to your hearing aids. In fact, we offer a full line of accessories so you can connect to virtually any Bluetooth wireless smartphone or device you may want to use. 


Sonic SoundClip-A


Enjoy stereo streaming with AndroidTM smartphones, tablets and a variety of Bluetooth® compatible devices to Enchant 2.4 GHz hearing aids. SoundClip-A also functions as a remote microphone, remote control, and allows your hearing aids to be used as wireless headphones for hands-free calls.

Sonic RC-A Remote Control

RC-A Remote Control

Easy Remote Control
With low power consumption, the Sonic Remote Control offers easy, discreet program and volume changes*. People with dexterity issues especially love the convenience of this remote – no more fiddling with tiny buttons or dials on hearing instruments.

TV A Adapter

TV-A Adapter

Savor every show
With the TV Adapter, prime time plays right to you. The TV Adapter is an optional accessory that physically connects to your television then wirelessly transmits the audio. When you want to watch a show, the audio streams directly to your Sonic hearing devices. It’s like having sports, news, shows, and movies play right in your ears. The TV Adapter makes enjoying your favorite programming so convenient, you’ll want an adapter for every TV you own.

Sonic Phone Adapter

Phone Adapter 2

Never miss a call
For hands-free landline phone calls. You can adjust the volume as needed, too. Talking on the phone has never been easier.

soundlink2appmobile.pngSoundLink 2 App

SoundLink 2 App

The Sonic SoundLink 2 app enables you to control your hearing aids, choose what you want to hear and adjust the sound. The app offers a “Find my hearing aid” search feature, links to user instructions and low battery notification. The Sonic SoundLink 2 app is also used to connect users to their GO service on IFTTT.

Other features:

– Support for remote/partner microphone via SoundClip-A

– Advice on coping with hearing loss

– Individual volume Left & Right

– Event log

– Control of tinnitus relief sounds (if supported by hearing aid)


Signia Hearing Products





What if you could own a pair of hearing aids that let you experience the same clearer level of hearing wherever you go? The game-changing new Signia Xperience hearing aids with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors offer a way to do just that and stay fully involved in life. 

With the world’s first Face Mask Mode setting, you can better understand speech through masks with the touch of a button. Learn how Signia’s latest iconic innovation helps you be part of the conversation once again.


Styletto X

Wherever life takes you, the new Styletto X empowers you to live without compromise, despite having hearing loss. The Styletto X transforms the outdated image of hearing aids into highly sophisticated hearwear™.

  • Uniquely stylish, award-winning design
  • Full connectivity with all Bluetooth® devices for phone calls, TV, music, and more
  • Portable, Qi wireless charging case that holds up to 3 days of extra charges
  • Tinnitus therapy options
  • Multiple world’s first innovations:
    • Automatically adjusts to your movements and changes in the soundscape for better hearing
    • Clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing in noisy environments*
    • Delivers a natural own voice without compromise

Froehlich M, Freels K, Powers T. (2015). Speech recognition benefit obtained from binaural beamforming hearing aids: comparison to omnidirectional and individuals with normal hearing AudiologyOnline, Article 14338



Silk X

Hearing All About You

Whether you’re on a crowded street, working in an open-plan office, or dining in a busy restaurant, wherever there’s a high level of ambient noise, holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Thanks to its Signia Xperience technology, Silk X delivers more true-to-life sound and speech comprehension to better meet your hearing needs, even in noisy environments. You hear what matters to you – all day long.

Silk X at a Glance:

• Nearly invisible in the ear for complete discretion

• Signia Xperience technology for a superior sound tailored to your lifestyle

• Click Sleeves for a quick and easy instant-fit

• Remote control via the Signia App and miniPocket™


Pure Charge Go

Pure® Charge&Go X

The ultimate Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid thanks to Li-ion rechargeability and full connectivity.

  • Enhanced design – 16% smaller with a high-tech build and 20% extra Li-ion rechargeability
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Easy and carefree enjoyment of TV, music, and phone calls
  • Options – Available in 10 colors
  • Inductive charger – Dehumidifies, fits custom molds, and is backwards compatible with all Signia Li-ion inductive charging hearing aids

Signia2020_H1_DJ_using Signia app_NOT_Assistant.jpg

Signia App

The Signia app gives you everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the fullest while being tailored to your personal preferences: audio streaming, remote control and remote support. All you need is your smartphone to take advantage of these features:

  • Easy to use
  • Hearing Program & Volume Control
  • Sound Balance Adjustment
  • Monitoring of the Hearing Aid’s Battery & Connection Status
  • Stay in touch with your Hearing Care Professional

Signia Xperience_App_Icon.jpg




Signia Assistant

The Signia Assistant lives in the Signia app – available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

The Assistant gives you:

  • Settings tailored to your personal preferences for an even clearer sound and better speech comprehension in every situation
  • Answers to your questions about how to handle your hearing aids so you can easily recall every detail discussed during your appointment
  • Highly intuitive 24/7 support whenever you need it
  • Confidence and control over your hearing success

Signia Nx

Signia hearing aids deliver the sound that nature intended.

When you lose your hearing, it restricts your natural listening experience. Now you can improve your hearing a remarkable amount — and even preserve the familiar sound of your natural own voice — thanks to our new Signia hearing aids with Own Voice Processing (OVP™).

These elegant state-of-the-art solutions replicate the natural experience of hearing everything in harmony. They also offer direct streaming of phone calls, music, and TV audio via Bluetooth®. And the revolutionary myHearing™ App serves as the hearing care professional at your fingertips for access to the best service anywhere.


Pure Charge & Go Nx

Rechargeability plus connectivity: The all-around solution to address your needs, Pure® Charge&Go combines the benefits of Nx technology for the most natural sound and convenience with lithium-ion rechargeability and wireless connectivity.

Sleek design: The Pure Charge&Go Nx delivers Signia’s highest hearing performance in a discreet design that sits almost unnoticeably behind the ears.

Compatible with the CROS Pure 312 Nx to offer a natural experience for CROS wearers with the convenience of direct streaming.


Insio Nx ITC/ITE

Bluetooth® connectivity: Full Bluetooth connectivity in these ITC and ITE devices means patients benefit from best-in-class sound quality when streaming TV audio, music, and phone calls.  

Most natural hearing experience:  Despite their small size, these connected hearing aids still deliver exceptional sound quality and unrivaled speech understanding even in very noisy environments.


Pure 312 Nx

Maximum discretion: With its small, elegant housing Signia’s Pure® 312 Nx sits unobtrusively behind your ear. It can be remotely controlled via your smartphone for a maximum of convenience and discretion.

Fully featured: Packed with state-of-the-art technology, Pure 312 Nx offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance as well as superior connectivity.

Compatible with the CROS Pure 312 Nx to offer a natural experience for CROS wearers with the convenience of direct streaming.


Pure 13 Nx

Maximum energy efficiency: The reliable Pure® 13 Nx from Signia provides the longest audio streaming time in its class, so you can keep your head clear for the important things in life.

Fully featured: Packed with sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology, Signia’s Pure 13 Nx offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance as well as superior connectivity.

Optional Telecoil: The battery door of Signia’s Motion 13 Nx and Motion 13 P Nx can be equipped with a Telecoil. In places with an induction loop, this helps you understand speakers more clearly. Simply select the T-program wherever you see the sign on the left.

Compatible with the CROS Pure 312 Nx to offer a natural experience for CROS wearers with the convenience of direct streaming.


Motion 13Nx

A tailor-made hearing experience: Motion® 13 Nx offers a variety of fitting and handling options to perfectly meet your wishes and requirements. This way, your hearing care professional can customize your personal hearing solution.

High level of wearing comfort: As a behind-the-ear, or BTE model, the small Motion 13 Nx sits snuggly and discreetly behind your ear. Its ergonomic shape makes it extra comfortable to wear.

Optional Telecoil: The battery door of Signia’s Motion 13 Nx can be equipped with a Telecoil. In places with an induction loop, this helps you understand speakers more clearly. Simply select the T-program wherever you see the sign on the left.

Compatible with the CROS Pure 312 Nx to offer a natural experience for CROS wearers with the convenience of direct streaming.


Pure 10 Nx

Absolute discretion: Signia’s tiny Pure® 10 Nx sits nearly invisibly behind your ear. For a maximum of convenience and discretion, it can be remotely controlled via your smartphone.

Pure simplicity:  With no buttons required for manual adjustments, the fully automatic Pure 10 Nx gives you the ultimate in simplicity and superior sound quality for hassle-free hearing.

Rexton Hearing Products


Rexton Strata

Starta 2c

Connectivity is key. Along with TwinCore technology and unrivaled sound quality. You will never miss a moment with Strata 2c, a discreet, high-tech hearing aid that’s backed by our powerful TwinCore Technology. If you’re looking for a convenient hearing aid that caters to your busy lifestyle, look no further. Strata 2c boasts the best in high-tech features, HD Speech and wireless connectivity; and will keep you connected, day in and day out, to all of your electronic devices without missing a beat.

Rexton Charismo

Charismo 2c

Charismo 2c is a tiny, compact RIC that’s perfect for those looking for the latest technology and the utmost in secrecy. It satisfies the hearing needs of high-performance, active people and provides a natural sound experience in difficult hearing situations for a variety of users. From the golf course to an all-day shopping trip, or even a business meeting – Charismo 2c has you covered.

Rexton Onyx


Powerful, long-lasting performance in an ultra-small housing. Onyx+ boasts a wide fitting range, connectivity options and a reliable feature set all packed into a tiny, cosmetically appealing hearing aid. If you’re looking for a high-tech, comfortable hearing solution that keeps you connected to your daily electronic devices, look no further.

Behind-The-Ear / Custom

Rexton Finesse

Finesse 2c

Effortless high-definition sound provided by powerful TwinCore Technology and luxurious, sophisticated features. Sophistication at its best, Finesse offers the best in today’s hearing technology – from our luxurious HD speech to our top-notch Blu Link connectivity. Finesse is backed by powerful TwinCore Technology and designed for wearers looking for it all – rich, luxurious sound, sophisticated features; and a compact, modern housing.

Rexton Accord

Accord 2c

Perfect for the wearer who is busy enjoying life to the fullest with family and friends and doesn’t want the typical hassle of a hearing solution – Accord 2c gives you the best of TwinCore Technology with HD speech and connectivity features, all packed into an ultra-comfortable hearing solution. Because the best hearing solutions are the ones that are forgotten when in use, and that’s exactly what you will become accustomed to with the robust reliability and natural sound of Accord 2c.

Rexton Joy

Joy 2c (Coming December 2013!)

From the robust SecureTec housing to the reliable, state-of-the-art features – Joy 2c’s refined sound brings the utmost in comfort and natural sound to any listening situation you encounter. The laughter and sounds of family and friends will be closer than ever thanks to a full line of stylish options.

Rexton Pico


Small and discreet does the trick. Pico is our smallest and most discreet hearing aid ever. Pico provides a high-performance, reliable solution for those requiring the utmost is secrecy. Fitting deeper into the second bend of the ear canal than a traditional CIC, Pico is not only invisible but also offers a comfortable fit.


Rexton Hearing Accessories

Mini Blu/Blu RCU

The power of all wireless options in your hand. Using Rexton’s Blu Link Technology with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, Blu RCU and Mini Blu RCU send sound from electronic gadgets you can’t live without to both your hearing aids. The clever little remote can be tucked in a pocket, clipped to clothing, or worn around your neck.

Rexton Smart Pocket Remote Control

Smart Pocket Remote Control

A small, easy-to-use remote control with a display screen makes it easy for you to control your hearing aids with the touch of a button. Smart Pocket controls volume, programs, and turns your hearing aids on and off – as well as many other customizable functions. You can even set a daily alarm clock to remind you of important events!

Rexton LED Remote Control

LED Remote Control

The wireless remote control enables you to easily and discreetly change the settings of your hearing aids. You can make volume and program changes and turn your hearing aids on and off.

Rexton Easy Charger

Green & Easy Charger

Charge your hearing aids overnight using the charging unit for a full day of trouble-free operation. This convenient charger also includes an electronic drying function to control moisture and humidity, prolonging the life of your hearing aids.

Phonak Hearing Products


Phonak Audéo™ Marvel

With Phonak Audéo Marvel we introduce multifunctional hearing aids that convey a love at first sound experience… each and every day!

Phonak Audéo Marvel focuses on what you expect from a first-class hearing aid – a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multifunctional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound.

Clear, rich sound

Enjoy better speech understanding in noise, less listening effort and be amazed at how well your hearing aids perform from the first fit and every time you wear them.

Connects to smartphones, TV and more

Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids connect directly to either your iOS or Android smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Use them for hands-free calls, listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more.


Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Marvel hearing aids are easy to use, quick to charge and offer a full day of hearing including streaming.

Phonak Bolero B

Phonak BoleroTM Marvel

Phonak Bolero for mild to severe hearing loss combines maximum reliability and robustness with a clear, rich sound experience and multifunctionality.

Clear, rich sound

Enjoy better speech understanding in noise, less listening effort and be amazed at how well your hearing aids perform from the first fit and every time you wear them.

Connects to smartphones, TV and more

Phonak Bolero Marvel hearing aids connect directly to either your iOS or Android smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Use them for hands-free calls, listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more.


Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Marvel hearing aids are easy to use, quick to charge and offer a full day of hearing including streaming.


Sky B

Phonak Sky™ Marvel

Combining the world’s first technological innovations and child-specific designs to support children of all ages. Sky Marvel enables children to build strong bonds by offering clear rich sound and access to more words and conversations every day. 

Clear, rich sound

AutoSense Sky OS is the world’s first operating system built specifically for children and provides an optimal listening experience in situations like noisy classrooms and outdoor playgrounds. 

Connects to smartphones, Roger mics and more

Sky Marvel connects directly to smartphones and other Bluetooth® enabled devices, enabling children to easily enjoy speech, music, TV and much more.


This powerful rechargeable technology offers a full day of hearing including 10 hours of Roger or media streaming.

Child-specific design

Tamperproof and designed to provide comfort, safety, and robustness in all aspects of a child’s active life.

Mix & Match Colors

Sky Marvel is available in a variety of colors ranging from fun and vibrant to discreet skin-tone shades. Children can choose a combination of colors that truly matches their personality, giving them the confidence to embrace and enjoy wearing their hearing aids.


Phonak Naída B

Phonak Naída™ B

Phonak Naída B, the 5th generation of the world’s most trusted power hearing aid, has been developed for the broad diversity of severe to profound hearing losses. Naída B utilizes dedicated features such as Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for improved speech understanding and SoundRecover2 for more audibility of high frequency sounds.

Phonak Virto B

Phonak VirtoTM B

Phonak Virto B is the world’s first hearing aid to feature Biometric Calibration technology, engineered to provide you access to better hearing performance, customized specifically for you.

Virto B is the ideal solution for those who prefer the best hearing performance and a cosmetically attractive custom made hearing solution.

Virto B

Phonak Virto B-Titanium

The smallest in-the-ear hearing aid made from Titanium. Titanium is renowned for its strength and durability. It is used for medical products, high -performance vehicles as well as high-tech sports goods. With a shell as a thin as a piece of paper, combined with miniaturized electronic components, we are able to build a super discreet custom hearing instrument. Virto B-Titanium features Autosense OS™. It adapts to every sound environment automatically for excellent hearing performance everywhere. There is no need to manually adjust the hearing aids.



CROS B will transmit sound and voices to let your good ear hear for both your ears. If you have good hearing in one ear and impaired hearing in the other, then CROS B will work for you. CROS B features state-of-the-art Phonak Belong™ technology, making hearing easier than ever before and bringing endless possibilities. And the new rechargeable CROS B-R features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery providing you with a full day of hearing from both sides!

  • CROS B automatically detects what listening situation you are in and switches to the best possible setting. You’ll forget you’re wearing it.
  • It can zoom in on the voice in front of you for better speech understanding.

Whether you are in a restaurant, on a busy street or simply having a one-on-one chat, with CROS B, you will immediately feel included in a conversation, regardless of the situation. No more having to position yourself so that everyone sits on your good side!

Wireless Accessories

Phonak Roger Pen

Roger Pen is a versatile wireless microphone that reduces loud background noise and transfers the clear sound of the voice you want to hear directly to your hearing aids.

Phonak Roger EasyPen

Roger EasyPen is designed for you to interact and understand in challenging listening situations. Packed in a stylish design, it features a fully automatic wireless microphone which is easy to use in one-on-one or group conversations.

Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

Roger Clip-On Mic is a discreet shirt-worn wireless microphone that is worn by your partner for one-to-one communication in loud noise and over distance.

Phonak Phonak DECT

DECT – looks like a regular cordless phone, but is actually much more powerful. It transmits sound to both your hearing aids simultaneously, reducing noise and maximizing understanding.

Phonak Phonak EasyCall

EasyCall – Phonak EasyCall connects any Phonak wireless hearing aid wirelessly to your cell phone. It is permanently attached and connected to the phone and streams the conversation directly to both hearing aids.

Phonak ComPilot Air

The ComPilot Air is a small and stylish streamer that offers excellent stereo sound quality while connecting Phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth to a variety of audio sources.

Phonak Phonak RemoteMic

RemoteMic is used together with a Phonak streamer to understand a speaker over distance. It is attached to your conversation partner’s clothing and transmits their voice to your hearing aids.

Phonak TVLink

TVLink – turns your Phonak hearing aids into a wireless TV headset with stereo sound quality.

Phonak Phonak PilotOne

PilotOne wirelessly connects to the hearing aids for easy control of the most important functions.

Phonak Phonak RemoteControl App

The RemoteControl App turns any smartphone (Android and iOS) into a remote control.

Oticon Hearing Products


Oticon Xceed

Introducing the world’s most powerful hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Hear more speech with less effort.

The new unique technology in Oticon Xceed supports you in these situations by giving you more access to speech than ever before. Oticon Xceed is proven to give you better speech clarity with less listening effort in noisy environments, compared to our previous generations of powerful hearing aids.*

Oticon hearing aids feature BrainHearing™ technology, which helps your brain understand and process sounds more easily.

With Oticon Xceed you get:

  • 360°access to speech with less effort
  • Outstanding clear sound with more detail
  • Prevention of annoying howling sounds
  • Easy wireless connectivity to many devices

Open up your world with life-changing technology

*Ng 2019, Oticon Whitepaper


Oticon breaks the rules. Again.

Oticon Opn S hearing aids help you break free of restrictions and join the conversation in difficult listening environments. 

Oticon Opn S highlights:

  • More advanced and powerful Velox S™ platform supports key technologies proven to deliver better hearing with less effortEasy wireless connectivity to devices
  • State-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion miniRITE R gives you a full day of listening with quick recharging
  • Updated OpenSound Navigator™ expands the boundaries of the open sound experience 
  • OpenSound Optimizer™ technology provides a breakthrough in sound quality and speech understanding that allows up to 30% more speech cues**
  • OpenSound Booster offers more help in everyday situations
  • Next-level BrainHearing™ benefits provide speech understanding on par with normal hearing in noisy environments*

Oticon Opn S is built on everything you know and love about Oticon Opn to deliver enhanced functionality and improved sound quality.

**Callaway 2019, Oticon Whitepaper.

Oticon Opn S is available in a variety of styles!


Oticon Opn S miniRITE R

Opn S miniRITE R offers the simplicity of rechargeable batteries, the groundbreaking open sound experience, and outstanding connectivity to other devices. This discreet hearing aid comes with a sleek and stylish charger and long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

  • Super-fast three-hour charging time for a full day of power
  • Quick recharge – 30 minutes for an additional five to six hours of power
  • Contact-free and reliable, inductive charging
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use and stylish charger
  • Connect to TVs, smartphones, and other devices with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology
  • Smart ON/OFF – hearing aids start charging when placed in the charger and turn off when removed
  • Easy battery replacement – replace the lithium-ion battery in the clinic; no need to send in for service
Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn™

A new kind of hearing instrument

Listen to multiple speakers in noisy environments. Focus on what’s important to you and switch attention if you want to.

Traditional hearing aids isolate one speaker and suppress all others. Oticon Opn™ is so fast it can give you access to multiple speakers around you that you want to listen to and reduce noise at the same time.



Oticon Siya hearing aids help you hear better by amplifying the rich details of sound, so you can focus in on every precious moment. Siya hearing aids feature BrainHearing™ technology which helps your brain understand sounds more easily.

Oticon Siya features:

  • Superb sound quality
  • Easy wireless connectivity to devices
  • Effective noise reduction
  • A choice of models and features

The Oticon ON App

Oticon ON enables your hearing aids to interact with other Internet-connected devices and services. Trigger your lights, home alarm or smart thermostat when you turn your hearing aids on or off. Tell your hearing aids to notify you when your battery is low, the laundry is finished, or someone’s at the door. With Oticon ON, it’s all up to you.

Benefits of using the app:

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