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Hearing Technology

As digital technology has improved, hearing aid technology has been improved along with it. More powerful processors have given rise to enhancements such as multi-directional microphones, better sound processing and even artificial intelligence for hearing aids that get smarter the longer you wear them. These advances in technology have produced hearing aids that are easier to wear and easier to maintain.

Bluetooth hearing aids

Bluetooth technology allows two devices to be paired for wireless communication. You may be familiar with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones or earbuds. But did you know that Bluetooth technology is now incorporated into many hearing aids?

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids allow you to stream the audio channel from your television, cell phone, GPS device or any other Bluetooth-enabled device directly to your hearing aids. With this wireless transmission, you experience a clarity in sound quality because background noise is stripped out.

Bluetooth technology is available in all hearing aid styles. If you love Bluetooth, talk to the hearing health care professionals at Live Better Hearing about Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

Cellphone accessories

Who leaves home without their cellphone? Just because you live with hearing loss doesn’t mean you can’t fully enjoy your cellphone. All cellphones are required to be hearing-aid compliant, but the legal minimum standard may not give you the call quality you need to communicate clearly.

Cellphone accessories for hearing aids make staying connected during phone calls easier and conversation less effortless. There are Bluetooth neck loops and ear hooks that improve the quality of sound and allow you to communicate hands-free.

Telecoils come standard on most hearing aids these days to improve call quality as well.

During your hearing aid fitting appointment, ask the Live Better Hearing professional about any other accessories that are available for your hearing aids.

Rechargeable hearing aids/devices

Standard hearing aid technology is powered by small disposable hearing aid batteries. The smaller the device, the smaller the battery and the shorter battery life. You may find yourself changing batteries at least once a week.

Rechargeable hearing aids use batteries similar to those found in cellphones and tablets. Instead of replacing your batteries, you simply dock your hearing aids and in a few short hours, the batteries are recharged and ready for hours of use.

If dexterity or vision issues make it difficult for you to handle small objects such as hearing aid batteries, rechargeable hearing aids are perfect for you.