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Hear’s To The Dads!

Picture1.pngEmily Martinson, AuD, PhD

I hope that everyone had a very happy and fun Father’s Day this past Sunday!  Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate what dads do best: tell Dad’s Jokes (for example, when you tell him you are hungry, responding with “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad).  My own dad is particularly good at this, a trait that, I hope, was not genetically passed to me.

Interestingly enough, hearing loss, like the ability to tell dad jokes, can also be genetic.  Some genetic syndromes can include hearing loss, and aging-related hearing loss also has genetic links.  In other words, if your father has hearing loss, it is very important to have your own hearing tested.

Here’s a picture of me, my husband, mom, and dad from last winter.  My own father has hearing loss and wears hearing aids, so it is very important for me to have my hearing checked every year.  I need to make sure that I keep up with my hearing, since hearing loss could be passed along to me just like our patented family tiny nose and comically enormous chin.

Hear’s to all of the dads, especially my own!