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How Do I Become An Audiologist?

Dr. Emily Martinson, Au.D., Ph.D.

You’ve thought through all the career options, and life has brought you to the greatest profession there is. Congratulations, you’re going to become an audiologist! But where to begin?

To be a great audiologist, no, the GREATEST audiologist, your preparation can begin as early as high school. Science courses, especially biology and physics, are great places to get the technical background you will need. High school is also a good time to shadow an audiologist for the day so that you can see what your future holds, no crystal ball needed. English classes are also great opportunities to learn the writing and language skills that you will need in your career.

When you get to college, many future audiologists major in Communication Disorders and Sciences (like me!), Speech Pathology, or Acoustics. Make sure to check with your academic adviser about what prerequisites are required for audiology graduate school so that you can take them.

As you near the end of college, the time comes to apply for audiology graduate school. The entry level requirement to become an audiologist is the Doctor of Audiology degree, or Au.D. Au.D. programs are very competitive, so make sure to apply to several. Most programs also require that you take the GRE, which is basically the SAT on steroids.

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into an Au.D. program! The next step is three years of classes, and one year of an off-campus externship. During your first three years of coursework, you will also spend time with real audiologists practicing your skills. Your externship, or fourth year of your Au.D. program, will be a full-time training program in an audiology clinic, where you refine your skills to become the coolest audiologist on the block.

Graduation day is here! After eight or more years of higher education, you are now a real-deal card-carrying stylin’-and-profilin’ audiologist! But what’s next? Stay tuned to future blog posts on how to apply to audiology jobs.