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How often should I have my hearing aids cleaned?

Dr. Emily Martinson, Au.D., Ph.D.

As a hearing aid user, it is important to keep your hearing aids clean by cleaning them at home daily.  Although daily hearing aid care is critical, having your devices professionally cleaned is also important.  Your audiologist or hearing care provider can suction out the hearing aid microphones, allowing for deeper cleaning than can be achieved at home.

While there is no hard and fast rule about how often to have your hearing aids cleaned, typically once every 6 months is recommended.  After six months, earwax, dirt, dust, and sweat have built up in your hearing aids to the point that at-home cleaning is not enough.

Some patients come more frequently for cleanings, however.  People who produce a larger than average amount of earwax, for example, should have their hearing aids professionally cleaned more like every 3 or 4 months.  People who work very physical jobs or exercise a lot, and therefore sweat more than most of us should also come more often.

Check with your audiologist or hearing care provider with how often you should have your devices cleaned!