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How to Keep your Hearing Aids Dry

Written by Candace Mohammed, Patient Care Technician for Chevy Chase

With all the excitement of the holidays and outdoor water activities, it may prove difficult for some to keep their hearing aids secured from water play. Whether taking a rest in the hot tub, wading in the pool, or enjoying a dip in the deep blue while at the beach, it remains important to be mindful of keeping your hearing aids as dry as possible.

Here are some tips on how to protect your aids from water damage:

  1. As always, remember to take off your hearing aids before taking a shower or going for a swim. Try to store them in a dry area or container when available to avoid moisture retention.
  2. Use your handy-dandy drying jar overnight while sleeping. The beads will pull the moisture from your hearing aids while retaining all the water. You can pick up a jar in the office during business hours if you do not have one, or you need to replace your beads.
  3. For those interested in something more modern and technologically updated, we also offer an electric dryer called the PerfectDRY Lux®. This amazing electronic device uses a combination of a forced-air fan for drying and UV-C rays for disinfection. The disinfection function dramatically reduces itching and infections of the ear canal. This is also available for purchase in each of our offices.

Enjoy your summer in the water and Surf’s Up!