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I Just Graduated From Audiology School. Now What?

Emily Martinson, AuD, PhD

As spring turns into summer, college students are looking forward to finishing up their final exams and then enjoying a well-deserved summer break.  For students who graduate this spring, often the first question on their minds is what’s next?

As we discussed in past blog posts, students pursing a career in audiology must complete a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) program after college.  The final year of this four-year degree is a full-time externship, which is essentially a clinical residency.

After completing the externship year, students become full-blown audiologists, and are ready to enter the workforce.  If this sounds like you, don’t stress!  The job search can be fun!

The first step in finding an audiology job is updating your resume.  Your resume should highlight clinical experience, research experience, and that 4.0 GPA you are rocking (just kidding).  It should also be tailored to the specific area of audiology you are interested in.  For example, if you are applying to jobs in pediatrics, make sure to highlight experience working with children.

Make sure to also check your social media presence.  If your Twitter account is full of pictures of your wild Spring Break from two years ago, make sure to delete them.  Remember, employers can see everything that you can.

The next step is to start applying to jobs.  Online searches are the easiest place to start.  It is smart to apply to more than one job and go on as many interviews as possible.  Interviewing for jobs is kind of like going on Tinder dates… you have to pull a lot of weeds before you can pick a flower.

Congratulations, you had a job offer!  Stay tuned to future blog posts on how to navigate your first real live grown up job!