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Lyric Hearing Aids

Lyric Hearing Aid

Lyric Hearing Aids

Live Better Hearing is one of the most experienced Lyric providers on the East Coast. We are not only trained in the device and considered a Premier Provider by the manufacturer.  The owners of Live Better Hearing, Dr. Ross Cushing and Dr. Jenifer Cushing have given lectures and instruction to other audiologists around the country regarding practical fitting advice for the Lyric.

Lyric instruments have quickly become some of our popular hearing aids. If you’re ‘tuned into’ hearing aids, you’ve probably read something about the company in the New York Times, or seen something on TV. We began fitting the Lyric in the spring of 2009, and patients really love the results. From new users to experienced hearing aid wearers, when the Lyric fits, it is an excellent instrument to wear. It fits an wide range of hearing losses, and stays in the ear for 60-90 days at a time. It is comfortable, and effortless. The process for obtaining a Lyric hearing aid is very easy. And most people who are candidates for the Lyrics love to wear them.