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Free Hearing Aid Guide

Make your hearing aid batteries last longer!

Have you noticed that your hearing aid batteries are not lasting as they should? Here are some tips to get more bang for your buck out of your batteries:

  • Store batteries at normal room temperature- do not refrigerate
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before changing batteries. Grease and dirt on batteries may damage hearing aid
  • Keep battery tab on battery until ready for use
  • Activate the battery by removing the battery tab and wait 2 minutes before placing the battery into the hearing aid
  • When not in use, open up the hearing aid’s battery compartment to avoid battery draining and to allow moisture to escape
  • Remove dead batteries from your hearing aid immediately and dispose of them in a household trash- never dispose of batteries in a fire or try recharging them
  • Keep batteries and hearing aids out of reach of small children
  • The amount of battery life expected depends on the type and amplification strength of hearing aid and the number of hours in use
  • Protect your backup batteries from discharging by keeping them away from coins, keys and other metal objects.

Remember to change your hearing aid batteries if:

  • Sound quality becomes distorted or the volume has to be turned up more than usual
  • The hearing aid makes a small beeping sound, indicating that the battery is low
  • Be sure to carry an extra set of hearing aid batteries with you at all times

Join the Battery Club offered exclusively at Live Better Hearing!

How it works:

  • You must be a current patient of A&A Hearing Group
  • You purchase a battery club membership
  • It entitles you to 96 batteries per year
  • Each quarter you will automatically receive a shipment of 24 batteries mailed directly to your home

Why it’s good:

  • Cost: you will save almost $30.00 per year over what it will cost to buy them individually at the office
  • Convenience: The batteries are delivered right to your door! No driving. They ship automatically. No need to remember when to order.

How much does it cost?
$90.00 per Battery Club
(If you use 2 hearing aids, you may want to buy 2 clubs)

What if…
I run out of batteries before the quarter?
Call and your next quarter’s shipment will be mailed to your home
My four shipments are mailed before the year is up?
When all shipments have been mailed, your membership is complete- even if it is before the year is out.

The number of batteries is based on the average use of our patients per 1 hearing aid.
*Individual usage may vary*

I want to pick them up at the office?
If you need/want to pick them up you may. You must take the entire quarterly supply. Your next regularly scheduled shipment will follow on the scheduled date.
I wear 2 hearing aids?
You may purchase 2 battery club memberships. Your batteries will ship at the same time.