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We answer some of the commonly asked questions related to hearing care, tinnitus, hearing aid products, assistive listening devices and more.

Some of Our Most Asked Questions:

How Do I Know If I Have Hearing Loss?
What Causes Hearing Loss?
What Style of Hearing Aids Do I Need?
What Is Tinnitus?

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Patient Resources

Hearing care from our top-rated audiologists at Live Better Hearing includes state-of-the-art technology & a variety of resources to educate and assist patients on the hearing healthcare journey.

All About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has been shown to negatively impact nearly every dimension of the human experience, including physical health, emotional and mental health, perceptions of mental acuity, social skills, family relationships, and self-esteem, as well as work and school performance.

Financing & Options

We are convinced that no one can place a dollar amount on the ability to hear again. At Live Better Hearing we realize that when you want to rediscover with the sounds of your life, the last thing you want in your way is a dollar sign.

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Our Blog


Even subtle hearing loss can alter the brain function of young adults

April 27, 2020

In 2018, assistant professor Yune Lee and his research team at Ohio State University monitored the brain activity of study participants 18 through 41 years of age as they listened to increasingly complex sentences. The team was hoping to measure if human brains work harder to comprehend more complex messages. What they unexpectedly discovered, instead, was […]

Blog 1

Is hearing loss avoidable?

April 26, 2020

That’s a great question, and a complicated one to answer! Hearing loss can be caused by a multitude of things: some are preventable and some are not. For me to write about everything that can cause hearing loss — and then all the ways to avoid each cause — would make for a very long blog […]

Hearing loss increases the risk of accidental injuries

April 15, 2020

An analysis of data from the National Health Interview Survey found that, over an eight-year period (2007 – 2015), people who reported that they had “a lot of trouble” hearing ended up being twice as likely to have an accidental injury — both at work and leisure — as people who reported no trouble hearing. […]

Blog 2

What is mild hearing loss?

April 14, 2020

Mild hearing loss may sound, umm, mild, but it’s quite the misnomer. Professionals classify any hearing thresholds between 25-40 dB to be a mild hearing loss. But short of measuring your hearing loss precisely, how can you tell if you have mild hearing loss? People with a mild hearing loss tend to be able to […]

The inability to distinguish sounds is a form of hearing loss

March 23, 2020

The National Safety Council’s Safety + Health magazine recently published an article about ototoxicants, chemicals that can cause hearing loss and balance issues. In the article, warnings were shared from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) about which industries have higher exposure risks to these chemicals — and how the adverse effects of ototoxicants increases when “workers are exposed […]

Five reasons why you should not ignore hearing loss

March 9, 2020

Does this sound familiar? Either you or someone you know is just starting to deal with hearing loss. But instead of taking it seriously, you brush it aside. You can cope, you’ve decided. You’ll just turn the TV up a little louder. Ask people to speak up or repeat what they said. And really, the […]