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10 Good Reasons To Get Your Hearing Tested!

1.  Hearing loss is associated with other health conditions.  Untreated hearing loss negatively affects the quality of life.

2.  A Better Hearing Institute study showed that people who have untreated hearing loss may lose as much as $30,000 in annual income.

3.  A John Hopkins study shows that hearing loss, even a mild loss, puts you at a greater risk of falling or hospitalization.  For older adults with hearing loss you are more than three times more likely to have this happen.  Learn More

4.  Cancer treatments may damage your hearing.

5.  Research shows a link between hearing loss and dementia.  Treatment of hearing loss may benefit your long term cognitive functions. Learn More

6.  Hearing loss is linked to sleep apnea.  Learn More

7. Hearing loss is tied to depression.  Treating hearing loss may reduce these symptoms. Learn More

8.  Cardiovascular health and hearing are linked.  Learn More

9.  Hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes. Learn More

10.  Regular use of aspirin, NSAIDs or acetaminophen increases the risk of hearing loss in men, and the impact is larger on younger individuals.  Learn More

Extra reason for Women: A recent study shows that higher Body Mass Indexes and larger waist circumferences and lower physical activity is associated with hearing loss in women.  Learn More