Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak has a few different technology traits that are not offered by any other manufacturer. Phonak Lyric is the only 100% invisible hearing aid. Phonak Lyric can be worn 24 hours, 7 days a week. This device is unique because of its invisibility, wearability, and lack of having to change batteries. Another quality that makes Phonak stand out from other manufacturers is that some of their hearing devices can stream directly to Apple products and Android products – without an additional accessory! They also offer an option to be completely hands free when using hearing aids with a cell phone.
Phonak also offers a large portfolio of accessories that are aimed to help people in the most challenging listening situations. Those accessories consist of Roger Table Mic, Roger Select, PartnerMic, RemoteControl and TV Connector.
Phonak Lyric
Phonak Lyric
Phonak Hearing Aids include:
  • Phonak Lyric
  • Phonak Naida Paradise
  • Phonak Audeo Paradise
  • Phonak Audeo Marvel
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