Rechargeable Hearing Aids

All hearing aids are powered by one of two types of batteries: disposable or rechargeable batteries. Disposable batteries are the standard power source for most hearing aid technology. Depending on the size of your hearing aid device, the batteries can be smaller and have a shorter life-span. 

People can find themselves changing their batteries weekly and navigating the economic and sustainable impact this creates. Though disposable batteries are the more common option, more and more leading hearing aid manufacturers are producing rechargeable hearing aids. Not only is this more sustainable but it is incredibly convenient!

How Rechargeable Hearing Aids Work?

Similar to cell phones, tablets, reading devices and most electronic devices today; rechargeable hearing aids have batteries that are built into the device. This means that they do not need to be removed but simply recharged. Your hearing aid device just needs to be attached to the charging unit and plugged in to recharge the batteries. 

You may be wondering if you can switch from disposable to rechargeable batteries with your current hearing aid device. But finding rechargeable batteries and a charging unit that is both compatible and reliable with your hearing aid device can be very difficult. So if you are interested in this technology, the best way to access it is by discussing your options with your hearing healthcare provider. We will use our expertise, experience, and knowledge of the latest hearing aid models to recommend hearing aids that feature a rechargeable battery option!

Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  • Longer Shelf Life: rechargeable hearing aids use the same type of batteries as most electronic devices which are lithium-ion. These batteries can last up to 30 hours before needing to be recharged. Additionally, they are long lasting and durable batteries that don’t need to be replaced for an estimated 5 years. This is a vast difference from disposable batteries which need to be swapped every few days to week. 
  • Easier to Use: disposable batteries require people to constantly buy new batteries and swap the old ones out. Because they tend to be small, it can be frustrating to handle. Packing these tiny batteries into the compartment can lead to easily dropping them or struggling to easily insert and remove the batteries. Rechargeable batteries do not require this kind of labor and are much more accessible and easy to use. 
  • Safer: disposable batteries in the hands of children or pets can be potentially hazardous whereas rechargeable hearing aids do not have these risks. 
  • Sustainable: not having to consistently dispose of batteries and buy new ones is both economically and environmentally sustainable. This offers cost savings as well as reduces individual waste. 

As rechargeable hearing aids are expected to grow in popularity, more options will be made and available to meet the specific needs and preferences of people navigating hearing loss.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Models

    We work with leading hearing aid manufacturers and the latest devices they produce. 

    starkey livio edge rechargeable hearing aid


    makes the Livio Edge AI in various hearing aid styles - behind the ear, receiver in the canal, in the ear, and in the canal. Starkey also makes different chargers including the Mini TurboCharger which is pocket sized and wireless! Their rechargeable hearing aids

    phonak audeo b-r rechargeable hearing aid


    their rechargeable hearing aid option is the Audeo B-R which is available in a receiver in the canal style. This device also offers Bluetooth connectivity and a mini charger option that is portable and convenient for travel. This model is highly durable, lasting for 6 years!

    signia Pure Charge&Go rechargeable hearing aid


    makes the Pure Charge&Go X which in addition to a rechargeable battery, also features: acousting motion sensors and Bluetooth technology. This device is also available in different colors and offers different options for chargers.

    If you are interested in rechargeable hearing aids, we are more than happy to guide you through your options. The best model for you depends on a range of factors including the specifics of your hearing loss and your lifestyle preferences. We are committed to providing you with the most effective and optimal device that will transform your hearing health and quality of life!

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