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Chrissy Mayers


Patient Care Coordinator

Chrissy Mayers

Patient Care Coordinator

Coordiantor at:
Rockville, MD

Meet Chrissy Mayers

Chrissy Mayers is the Patient Care Coordinator at our office in Rockville, Maryland. She is a native of Silver Spring and before she worked with LBH, she spent 15 years in a retail production position.

When anyone has a question or needs help with a task, Chrissy is often the first person to offer assistance. Her natural tendency to go above and beyond for her patients and coworkers illustrates the guiding principles of our company and makes her a valuable member of the team.

Chrissy’s compassion doesn’t stop at humans; she is also devoted to rescuing and fostering all types of animals. Additionally, she is the proud mother of a smart, spunky daughter.

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