Start Your New Year with Better Hearing!

Mature Woman With Bte Hearing Aid Looks At Herself In Mirror And

A new year is nearly upon us. The inevitable rolling of the wheel of time can feel crushing at times, but a great way to feel grounded, ready, and in control of our lives this time of year is to make resolutions to improve our life.

When you look into the past year, what do you think has room for improvement? Do you want to start exercising regularly? Do you want to reconnect with friends and family? Are you wanting to get out more this year to restaurants, parties, and the theater?

As we age it is important to keep up with our health to ensure that our quality of life is as high as possible. One of the most common health conditions affecting older adults in the United States is hearing loss. By addressing hearing loss, it does more than help you hear—it can improve just about every aspect of your quality of life.

Rebuilding Relationships

Our relationships often tether us to life, giving us a sense of belonging and connectedness. One of the greatest risks as we age is loneliness. It’s common that retirement, a change in your mobility or a recent loss of a loved one can lead to loneliness. Another aspect which often makes us feel distant is hearing loss. One in three people over the age of 65 have hearing loss and this number jumps to one in two past the age of 75 and older. By addressing a hearing loss you can improve your ability to connect and stay more active.

Underestimated and undertreated, hearing loss can make it hard to connect to the people in your life. It’s normal for it to start subtly, only affecting your ability to hear certain parts of words or sentences and this can be equally exhausting as it is frustrating. It’s all too common for people with hearing loss to withdraw from social events and situations. The people closest to you may interpret a hearing loss as you not being interested in what they are saying or being distracted and not paying attention. Resentment can build up over years which can be difficult to repair. However, when you address hearing loss with hearing aids, you have the tools to hear the people in your life. Over time you can be more involved in everyday conversations and slowly rebuild the deficit in your relationships.

Helping You Get Out More

When we struggle to hear it can make it hard to stay social and this means that even for those who were incredibly social previously to developing hearing loss, it can be frustrating to spend time in large gatherings and even on one-on-one interactions. Instead, you may find yourself passing on party and restaurant invitations. Crowded situations are particularly frustrating for those who haven’t treated their hearing because it can be a challenge to prioritize the sounds you want to hear in a noise over others. This is called prioritizing of sound. You’ll find yourself at home more often sinking into loss of self-esteem, less independence and even on-going depression as you find yourself deprived of the human connection which helps you feel connected and engaged in your life.

When you invest in hearing aids, it will help you prioritize sounds and help you navigate all social aspects of your life. You’ll find yourself more confident to engage in all sorts of social situations that you previously would have found exhausting previously to treating your impairment. It can take a while to get used to life with hearing aids, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Regain Your Energy Level with Hearing Aids 

The new year is just upon us and what better way to start it out with Gusto than investing in improved hearing. Aside from improving the quality of your relationships and improving your confidence, many find that using hearing aids can help to improve energy levels. All the energy that you had previously been spending trying to hear the world around you can be put into listening with enhanced ease. This allows you to seize the moment and get more out of life. To find out how you can start the journey towards better hearing, contact us today to set up a hearing consultation.