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Thanksgiving Check List

Dr. Emily Martinson, Au.D., Ph.D.

Thanksgiving is still two weeks away, which gives you plenty of time to prepare.  Whether you are travelling for the holiday or hosting guests in your home, as someone who wears hearing aids now is a great time to start planning so that your hearing aids supplies are always within reach.  

Here is a check list of everything you need this Thanksgiving to make sure that you hear your mother-in-law (whether you like it or not):

  1. Extra batteries- always keep a supply of at least four extra batteries with you in case one of your backups goes out
  2. Wax guards- if your hearing aid wax guard becomes clogged the sound will not come out
  3. Cleaning brush- to remove earwax
  4. Remote microphone- to put in the middle of the Thanksgiving table so that you can hear everything
  5. Cleaning wipes- to remove stubborn earwax
  6. TV streamer- so that you can hear the Big Game and ignore your family
  7. Extra domes- if one of your domes rips you can replace it

Remember, many audiology and hearing health offices are closed over the Thanksgiving holiday, so if you have any concerns with your hearing or hearing aids, make sure to schedule an appointment early to have your concerns addressed before the holiday.