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The Ultimate Patient Experience

It all comes down to making the experience for the patient exceptional. 

That’s where we focus.  That’s what drives us.

Here are a few of the items that we believe make an exceptional patient experience:

1)   A comprehensive range of services and products

2)   Exceptional service

This means:

  • Providing loaner devices if a hearing aid needs to go out for repair.
  • Communicating with the patient's primary care physician when appropriate
  • Being in contact with patients regarding their products to be delivered is very important. This means:
    • Providing new hearing aids within 2 weeks, and offering a rush service to every patient when needed
    • Returning repaired hearing aids quickly
  • Any other devices or products purchased will be delivered quickly and with care.

3)   Product Support

  • Each product will come with a 30-day adjustment and trial period, up to 3 year warranties, and up to lifetime service support
  • We also set hearing aids using ‘The Hearing Aid Protocol’ to make sure each patient is happy with the service and product provided.

4)   Knowledgeable professionals

  • Our providers are extremely well-trained in hearing aids, tinnitus and diagnostics

5)   Follow-up. We know how important it is to follow-up with our patients to show that we really do care.