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Free Hearing Aid Guide

There’s an App for that!

Have trouble hearing your loved ones on the other line of the phone? Well, there will soon be an app for that! Hearing health professionals, including ear, nose, and throat doctors, audiologists and sound engineers, have joined together to help those people who have some hearing loss, but not necessarily enough to require a hearing aid. This application, ACEHearing, for smartphones will capture and assess the individual’s hearing sensitivity through a shortened test. Then the application will calibrate the smartphone by adjusting and enhancing sound output settings by filling in gaps in the part of the sound spectrum where hearing is less than ideal. The hearing test through the application is short, simple, and engaging and accurate for cell phone listening.

The ACEHearing app will not be able to replace hearing aids, but it could be useful to hearing aid users because it can eliminate the need to wear a hearing device while on the phone. The smartphone will adjust to eradicate annoying and sometimes painful telephone signal interference. For those with a small degree of hearing loss it can ease the frustration of a phone call for a small price. This app will not be available for smartphones until 2012.

The abbreviated hearing test on this app is a great indicator that you should see your audiologist for a full hearing examination and evaluation of your hearing. To schedule an appointment for a hearing exam and free consultation, call us at 301-977-6317.