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Use the hearing loop to say goodbye to background noise

Enhance the hearing aid experience with the hearing loop! What is a hearing loop? Traveling directly to the user’s hearing aid, the wireless connection allows the user to hear the clear, distinct voice of a speaker, the sound of a performance, the announcements in an airport, and even their own television sets in their house! The hearing loop wirelessly connects with the telecoil feature of the user’s hearing aid for better sound quality. The loop eliminates unnecessary background noises that would typically be picked up by hearing aids.

A hearing loop is set up in a room with a simple wire that surrounds the perimeter of the room that connects to the sound source, such as the television. With hearing aids set on the “T” setting for “telecoil”, the sound will connect wirelessly to the sound system as the wire emits a magnetic field. The metal telecoil will pick up the signal and send it to the hearing aid to be processed into sound.

Although there are few venues in the United States that are looped there are national organizations, such as the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) and the American Academy of Audiology, that are encouraging venues to install temporary loops to let people try the hearing loop. These hearing loops can be found in the New York City Transit subways to hear the clearer announcements over their intercom system. Some of the new taxi cabs in New York will also have their own loop system because the partition separating the front and back seats of the cab can act as a barrier; now passengers sitting in the back seat can hear their drivers.

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