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How To Change A Wax Guard On Your Hearing Aids

How To Reconnect Your Hearing Aids To Your Phone

How to reconnect your made for iPhone hearing aids to your iPhone.

How To Interpret An Audiogram (Hearing Test Results)

How to interpret hearing test results.
  1. Air Conduction
  2. Bone Conduction
  3. Audiogram
  4. Word Recognition Score
  5. Quick Speech-in-Noise Test

Type Of Test: Tympanometry (Tymps, Impedance Testing)

Tympanometry is an objective test of middle-ear function.

Steps to Selecting a Hearing Aid

  1. Have your hearing tested
  2. Choose a size
  3. Choose a technology tier
  4. Customization
  5. Programming
  6. Acclimatization
  7. Follow-ups

Real Ear Measurement (REM) Target Match

Real Ear Measurement (REM) is a method of verifying that the amplification requirements are met for a specific hearing loss that is performed on the patient’s ear.

Feedback In Hearing Aids

Hearing aid feedback happens when sound from the speaker is amplified by the microphones.

How To Read Your Hearing Test

The test results are recorded on an audiogram. The audiogram shows your hearing sensitivity charted on a graph across speech frequencies ranging from low frequencies to high frequencies. The higher up on the chart the better your hearing is. The lower on the chart the worse your hearing is.


It is possible to receive relief from your tinnitus when you wear hearing aids. Hearing aids also have tinnitus masking features that can be turned on to provide static sounds and masking signals to camouflage your tinnitus.