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What To Expect On Your First Day With Hearing Aids

You’ve suspected for a while now that you might have hearing loss, so you did exactly what you should have: found an audiologist or hearing care provider and went for a hearing test. Your provider looked in your ears, ran some tests, and diagnosed you with a permanent hearing loss. You talked through your options and together you chose your first pair of hearing aids. You asked all the right questions, and he or she gave you all the answers you needed.
What’s next? Your hearing aid fitting day of course!

During your hearing aid fitting, your provider will show you everything there is to know as a first-time hearing aid user. You will start from the basics and will take everything at your own pace. He or she will show you how to insert and remove your hearing aids, how to change the batteries, and how to keep your hearing aids clean and well maintained. Make sure to ask questions during this appointment! Remember- it’s your first day and this is brand new.

After your hearing aid fitting, what should you expect on your first day? The biggest change will be all of the new and exciting sounds that you will hear. Many patients tell me that their first day is very eye (or ear) opening! The word is a busy place with many sounds that your brain may have forgotten about. The sound of your turn signal in the car (assuming you don’t live in Boston where no one ever signals ever), the beeps on your microwave, and the sound of water running may surprise you! Even little sounds like clicking a pen sound new and different.

Many hearing new hearing aid users also notice that conversations become much easier and take less effort on your part. Hearing aids give back the small details in speech that help you with clarity, so conversations both in person and on television sound clear, crisp, and distinct. No more excuses for not hearing your friends and family!

Your own voice will also sound different. Remember, you hear yourself more than anyone else, so take the time to adjust to your new sound. Some people find that reading out loud daily helps them with this transition.

Make sure to check in with your audiologist or hearing care provider regularly as you adjust to new hearing aids. Follow up care is key to keep your hearing aids in tip top shape!