Dr. Scott MacDonald


Dr. Scott MacDonald is an audiologist at our Wyomissing and Exeter, PA hearing centers. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Dr. MacDonald earned a Doctor of Audiology from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Colorado. 

Dr. MacDonald is passionate about improving the quality of life for all of his patients through diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and other hearing disorders. He particularly enjoys educating his patients and members of the community about hearing loss and solutions to fit each patient’s unique needs. 

As an audiology student, Dr. MacDonald was involved in research aimed at developing new testing protocols to better assist those with hearing loss. He was also a board member of the Arizona State University chapter of the Student Academy of Audiology.

When he is not at the office, Dr. MacDonald enjoys traveling, listening to live music, and spending time at home with his two cats.

If you are looking for a hearing evaluation, new hearing aids, or other hearing health care services in the Berks County area, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. MacDonald to provide the expertise and compassion you need to achieve optimal hearing health.


 Diagnostic hearing testing including: OAES & Immittance

Hearing aids (all makes and models)

Real-Ear verification, reprogramming and repair of current hearing aids

Earmold impressions


Au.D., Arizona State University, Tempe

B.A., University of Colorado, Boulder

Licenses and Certifications

Pennsylvania Audiology License