Our Services

Hearing Tests

Better hearing starts with an honest conversation about your hearing and a hearing test.

Balance Tests

Our audiologists do a thorough evaluations to help pinpoint what is causing dizziness.

Hearing Aids

We evaluate your hearing to see if hearing aid technology can improve your ability to hear and communicate.

Tinnitus Treatment

We diagnose the cause of tinnitus and recommend treatment options to calm tinnitus and bring you relief.

Cochlear Implants

Our audiologists determine candidacy for cochlear implants and tune implants after surgery.

Hearing Aid Repair

Just like any other piece of technology, hearing aids are subject to wear and tear, and may occasionally encounter problems. Regular maintenance can help keep them in excellent working condition, but they may need servicing or repair occasionally.

Real Ear Measurement

The success of modern hearing aids heavily depends on the accuracy of their fitting and programming, which is where Real Ear Measurement and fitting Best Practices come in.

Hearing Protection

At Live Better Hearing + Balance, we are committed to providing custom hearing protection to shield your ears from damaging sounds.