Becca Kelly

Doctoral Resident

Becca Kelly is an Audiology Doctoral Resident at our Frederick, MD hearing center. She has finished her audiology coursework at the University of Maryland, College Park and will graduate with her Doctorate of Audiology in May 2023. She will also graduate as part of the UMD Cochlear Implant Emphasis Program. While completing her graduate degree, Becca was involved in an interdisciplinary research project investigating the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline. She has gained extensive clinical experience at the Johns Hopkins Cochlear Implant Center, ENTAA Care, and here at Live Better Hearing + Balance. 

Becca’s diversity of experience has afforded her the opportunity to work with patients of all ages, from infants to older adults, as well as work with all hearing aid and cochlear implant companies. She is also able to diagnose and treat vestibular disorders and administer the full battery of electrophysiologic testing. Becca is passionate about interdisciplinary care to best serve her patients. In addition to her broad knowledge, Becca strives to make patient’s feel heard and safe in every appointment. 

When she is not in the clinic, Becca enjoys training for triathlons, cuddling with her cats, and coaching youth soccer. Whether you are seeking a hearing evaluation, hearing aid fitting, balance test, cochlear implant programming, or other hearing healthcare services, you can trust Becca to provide the expertise and compassion you need to achieve optimal hearing health.


Available to see patients of all ages, from infants to older adults 

Hearing aids (all makes and models)

Real-Ear verification, reprogramming and repair of current hearing aids

Cochlear Implant Assessment and Programming

Diagnostic hearing testing including: OAES & Immittance

Electro-physiology testing ABR, EcochG, and cVEMP 

Balance testing (VNG and Epley)

Cerumen Management 


Au.D., University of Maryland, College Park (expected May 2024)

B.A., Hearing and Speech Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park

Licenses and Certifications