Peace of Mind Plan

At Live Better Hearing + Balance, we understand that hearing aids represent a significant commitment, both in terms of time and resources. To offer you enhanced protection for this important investment, we are thrilled to present our Peace of Mind plan. This revamped service subscription plan ensures you consistently experience the best possible hearing.

For a minimal monthly fee, the Peace of Mind Plan provides:

  • Consistent care for your hearing devices
  • Unlimited annual office visits
  • Regular maintenance, adjustments, and updates
  • An annual supply of batteries (if required)
  • Discounts on future hearing aids, among other benefits

Does the Peace of Mind Plan save me money?

Yes. The plan provides continuous support for all your hearing aid requirements for up to two devices. On average, this reduces hearing aid service and maintenance costs by 70% over five years.

Who should consider the Peace of Mind Plan?

This plan is ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking to minimize the costs of pay-as-you-go hearing aid services and supplies
  • Those likely to purchase hearing aids again and wishing to receive a future discount
  • Anyone wanting comprehensive coverage for care and service beyond the manufacturer product warranty that accompanies their hearing devices

What does the Peace of Mind Plan include?

  • Unlimited office visits annually, with up to 30-minute appointments with the provider as needed
  • Regular maintenance, including replacement of tubes, ear hooks, domes, and microphone covers for all hearing aids (recommended every 4-6 months)
  • Hearing aid adjustments and firmware updates
  • Fine-tuning for hearing aids post-delivery - including tuning, enabling/disabling features, changing settings, or updating firmware on the devices, and real-ear measurements as required
  • Loaner hearing aid(s) available if your devices need to be sent for repair
  • Batteries as needed (up to an annual supply)
  • Hearing aid wax filters to safeguard your hearing aids from earwax and moisture (up to an annual supply)
  • Discount on future hearing aids. If you subscribe to this plan for 36 months or more, you will receive a 10% discount on your next set of hearing aids purchased directly from us

Contact us today at 888-432-7505 to learn more about our comprehensive Peace of Mind Plan and see if it aligns with your hearing health requirements.