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Dr. Cindy Leeb and her assistant Sheila Parshall are a terrific team.

I have typical hearing loss in my left ear and three other problems due to nerve damage in my right ear. One of those difficulties in my right ear is tinnitus. After my examination, Dr. Leeb discussed a range of options for my hearing aids. We tried one option which made sense to both of us to address all of these problems. The solution for the two other difficulties exacerbated the tinnitus. Dr. Leeb suggested different solutions and we worked on the complexities fo my situation patiently and creatively for three months until I have hearing that is the best for me.

Dr. Leeb is knowledgeable, patient, and caring. She did not leave any possible solution for my hearing unexplored. She answered questions quickly via e-mail.

I never waited for more than a few minutes for an appointment. Sheila is the friendly person who greets patients when they arrive. She too cares for the patient experience and she helps to make everything smooth and easy. Communication is easy by e-mail or by phone. Together Dr. Leeb and Sheila are great at providing friendly, caring, effective service.