Getting to Know Your Hearing Aids

The Hard Facts on Hearing Loss

Many people from all walks of life live with the incorrect assumption that hearing loss is something that they can live with. They may think that hearing loss is a minor inconvenience and they can adapt. But in reality, this could not be further from the truth. The technology has come a long way since the generation that is now elderly may have formed their opinions about hearing aids, opinions that make them reticent to take action. But treatment options are plentiful, diverse, and personalized. And the benefits can not be overstated. 

The Center for Disease Control estimates that over 13% of people in the United States suffer from disabling hearing loss. Of this massive population, a staggering two-thirds do not seek treatment. When you consider this along with the fact that 50% of people over 75 years old are deaf or hard of hearing, it becomes clear that there are cultural norms that are harmful to the individual. And of course, as the average age of the overall population increases, hearing loss only becomes more common. 

The Many Benefits of Prevention

The benefits of hearing health treatment will unfurl into every aspect of your life in ways that will surprise and delight you. You can remain connected to your loved ones. Whether it is your grandchild’s laugh or gossip with an old chum, in the most basic and immediate sense, maximizing your hearing health expands and deepens your quality of life. Feeling connected to your loved ones and life increases confidence and energy creating a positive feedback loop that increases your quality of life. and this satisfaction is so simple to achieve. 

There should be no more stigma to wearing a hearing aid than eyeglasses. But given the advancements in hearing aids over the last years, it is more analogous to wearing contact lenses. Most modern hearing aids are inconspicuous and tiny. They are usually about 1.5cm long and fit behind your ear. Very few people will ever even notice that you are wearing it. 

Many people are hesitant to take the step. They may feel that wearing a hearing aid signifies how old they have gotten. But once they commit to doing so they are thrilled by how the world comes alive to them. What seems at first like a chore becomes a thrill and they want to keep it in as much as they can every day. The details of the world that they may have even forgotten about spring back to life in high fidelity.  

Hearing Loss Treatment Options

Of course, everyone’s situation is unique. Hearing loss is not one thing. There are infinite degrees of damage that may take the form of decreased volume or decreased clarity. The damage is most likely not completely symmetrical. 

Hearing aids are a financial investment. But whatever your budget, studies show that untreated hearing loss leads to long-term increases in medical expenses not directly related to your hearing. So the investment pays returns not only in your quality of life but financially too. People who neglect treatment for hearing loss were found to make hospital visits 50% more frequently than those who did. Further, they were also 50% more likely to be readmitted within a month. Emergency room visits were 17% more likely and over a 10-year period, they spent $22,434 more on medical care. Our specialists will help you find the exact right option for your singular circumstances. 

Adapting to Your Hearing Aids

You should expect a period of adaptation when you first start wearing your hearing aid. Like a new piece of jewelry, even though they are so tiny as to hardly be noticeable, there is the physical adaptation you will need to make. But within days you will be used to it and quickly develop the habit of putting it on. You will also have a period of psychological transition. It has been estimated that many people who do finally seek treatment have put off doing so for an average of seven years. That is a lot of time to normalize a dulled sense of the world. It will often be emotional for people. It is like returning to your own life with new vivid clarity. 

So do not delay. Take the step today for you or a loved one. Make an appointment with one of our specialists to determine what option is just right for you.