When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

When Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

If you’ve recently invested in hearing aids you may already be experiencing a greater improvement in your quality of life. This may manifest as more eagerness to connect to the people in your life. You may also feel an improvement in the workplace where previously, communication issues were keeping you from feeling as if you could excel. Now that you have them, perhaps you can’t imagine what it would be to live without them. You may even be wondering, how long your investment in a higher quality of life will last. 

There are several signs which may note when it’s time to upgrade your hearing aids. While you have a new pair, it’s wise to know when to let them go in favor of a new pair that will serve you better. 

How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids last on average, 5 to 7 years. While this may not seem like a long time based on your investment, consider how much work they are already doing on a daily basis. Hearing aids work best, when you wear them from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep – however it’s important to remember to remove them when you bath or swim. This is quite a lot of work to do for tiny your tiny and advanced electronic devices. Because technology in hearing aids is so rapidly advancing, within 5 years, you may discover that the newest technology in hearing aids is incomparable to your current device.

Signs it’s time to replace your hearing aid?

So when will you know when it’s time? With just a loose range on how long a hearing aid can last, it’s important to use your own judgment to decide. Consider a few factors to take into account when exploring when it’s time to replace yours. 

Your hearing has changed

Many people make the mistake that because they have treated their hearing loss with hearing aids, that they will have no further loss. Hearing loss is a degenerative disease that becomes worse overtime. This means that even when you wear your hearing aids daily, it’s still important to attend regular screenings for your hearing. Often as your hearing changes it may only require some small tweaking of your programing, but if your loss is significant, your current pair, may no longer be able to support your loss. There is a good chance that another style would better suit your hearing.

There are changes to your lifestyle or circumstances

Have you recently picked up a new hobby? If you enjoy running, you may benefit from a pair of hearing aids which is waterproof with background suppression to quiet the sound of the wind. If you’ve recently joined a musical group, you may want hearing aids which enhance the louds and soft nuances of listening to music. When your lifestyle changes, so will your needs around hearing loss. Check in with us, as we can help you find the best solution to continue to improve the quality of your life.

You want to try a different type of device

As we’ve stated before, hearing aids are constantly making stride in microtechnology. If you’ve been wearing the same pair for years, it’s likely you’ll be surprised just how much has changed in under a decade as far as features, styles and hearing enhancement quality. You might have chosen a basic model for your first pair, but now that you know how indispensable hearing aids are, you might choose something a little more advanced. We are here to help you find and recommend Y the most appropriate hearing aid to fit in your needs and price range.

Replacing your hearing aid with Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service

If you think you could be due a new hearing aid, don’t put it off. The better you can hear on a daily basis, the better you are able to connect to the people you love in your life, excel in the work you love to do, enjoy the trill of perusing your interests and hobbies and generally improving the quality of your life, all around. The first step is clear. Contact us today for an updated hearing exam and we can help you navigate the rest.